天照の怒り【Amaterasu’s Anger】

After Susanoo’s terrible actions inHeaven, Amaterasu was so angry at him that she hid herself in the Rock Cave of Heaven, and locked the door, leaving the world in darkness. Of course, panic and terror spread everywhere! The other gods decided that they had to get her out of the cave in order to get the world back to normal. They then made a beautiful mirror to attract her attention, and hung many necklaces of curved jewels in front of the cave. (This mirror became the first of the Three Imperial Regalia. The necklace her father had given her was second, and Susanoo’s gift of the sword, from Yamato no Orochi’s tail, was last. [See the next story.])


After that, they hid a god with strong hands beside the entrance to the cave, and gave him a straw rope. (This straw rope became the Shimenawa, which we can see at all the shrines, and which is used to designate a sacred area.) The gods also set up perches, for the birds that greet the sun every morning, near the entrance. (Of course, they were roosters! These perches later became the Torii that we can find at the shrines today.)

その後、神々は一人の腕っ節の強い神にわらの縄を手渡し、彼を天の岩屋の入り口の所に忍ばせます(このわらの縄がしめ縄になったのです。しめ縄はそこが神聖な場所であることを表す目的で用いられるもので、すべての神社で目にすることができます)神々はほかにも、毎朝太陽が昇る度に鳴く鳥のために天の岩屋の前に止まり木を設けます(言うまでもなく、この鳥はニワトリです この止まり木が後に現在われわれが神社で目にする鳥居になるのです)

Then, the Goddess Ame no Uzume began to do a lewd dance on an overturned tub. The other gods laughed and laughed to see such a comical dance. It was considered good luck to expose the “private parts,” in Shamanism. (These dances became a part of that religion, and were the origin of dance, in Japan.)


Amaterasu, sulking quietly In her cave, was very surprised to hear the other gods laughing so loud, while she was feeling so miserable. So, she went to the door of the Rock Cave of Heaven and looked out. The other gods showed the mirror to her, and when she moved closer, the god with strong hands seized her, drew her from the cave, and put the straw rope be hind her. He then told her that she could not pass by it, and re-enter the cave.


Then, light returned to the world, and everything was fine again. Fine, except for Susanoo. He was punished by having his fingernails, toenails, and beard cut off. He was also fined 1.000 tables of food, and exiled from Heaven. It is so written.


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