季節は春【The Season of Spring】

Last week I wrote about meeting three generations of the Hiroe family at their shrine in Akae. In that article, I forgot to mention the eldest lady of the house, Haruko Hiroe, the priest’s mother and Yasuko’s grandmother. Without her,


I couldn’t have seen three generations at all since she was the first one. I’m sorry. She was very kind to me and gave me a cup of coffee after the rice planting ceremony was over. I enjoyed my time with them all very much and thank them.


This week, I want to write about this season and what to see. It is spring and soon to be summer. If you want to see a lovely garden of irises, go to Tobigasu Honjin. It is located between Hirata and Taisha in the mountains. There are many, many types of irises there and I enjoy seeing them every year. It seems the variety is endless.

今回は、この季節、皆さんにお勧めしたいものについて書こうと思います。今はまだ春ですが、夏はもう間近です。美しいアヤメの咲く庭を見たくなったら、平田と大社間の山際にある鳶ケ巣本陣へ行かれてみてはいかがですか。 私は様々な種のアヤメを見て楽しもうと、毎年そこに出掛けます。その種類の豊富さには目を見張ります。

Also we can eat the thin white noodle called “SOMEN”, from a water tank with swirling water. We can also eat rainbow trout from a pond among irises. It is very beautiful there and sightseeing is very pleasant indeed. I wish I could go there all the year around, but it is impossible since irises only last for a few days.


We in the Sanin Area have many lovely places to visit in this season and one of them is Izumo Taisha. It is well worth a visit there just to see the irises in the pond near entrance. The pond is on the right side of the path. It is a sights you will never forget.


Then you can go to Hinomisaki to see the Sea of Japan. The view of the sea is one of the many reasons that I chose to live in the Sanin Area. The power of the waves and the peace of the calm periods finds its way into my heart and I feel wonderful. It is “nature” at its best.


There is no place I would rather be than in the Sanin Area. Then, if you have time, or on another day, you can go to Gakuenji, one of the oldest places in Japan and one of the most impressive. I have lost count of the times I have been there. It is a wonderful place to meditate in and appreciate the scenery. If you happen to see me there, say “Hi”.

私は山陰以外の所で暮らしたいとは思いません。 そしてもし時間があれば、無ければ別の日にでも、日本で最も古い場所の一つ鰐渕寺に行って見て下さい。とても印象に残る場所で、私も何度行ったことか分かりません。美しい風景を堪能したり、瞑想にふけるには最適の場所です。もしそこで私を見かけたら「こんにちは」と声を掛けて下さい。

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