Mankind has used everything in nature that gave him beauty. It seems that it is characteristic of man to search for beauty, and his level of sophistication is measured by his application of that trait.


Stones for necklaces and tools, shells for decoration and other tools; wood for construction; and feathers. Feathers were used in robes in the southern islands, but before that they were used in South America among the Indians for the same purpose. This shows us that the two cultures had some things in common and perhaps were from the same source.


Their boats were the same design and material, too. This led me to attribute much of the culture of the South Seas to having originated in South America. The Ainu may also have had roots there. The ancient Indians of that period were very aggressive, but being few in number, were forced to leave the country by a revolt of the people they were oppressing. They embarked into the ocean on rafts and were swept all over the South Pacific, including to New Zealand, and possibly Japan. They became the Maori and Ainu natives of those lands. The legends of those people show such origins. Especially those of the Maori.


Feathers are also used for the arrows that went with the invention of the bow. They were used for the war headdresses of the American Indians and making beautiful designs for clothing and accessories. It seems that feathers have followed the development of humans. They were used as pens, too. Even in the Tea Ceremony, a feather is used to clean the fire place. The first dreams of flying used feathers for wings, like birds. It was natural. It seems that God gave humans the insight to use feathers in many, many ways, and the movement of cultures can be traced using such customs.

羽は、弓の発明にともない矢の一部に使用されました。 アメリカインディアンが戦いの際に身に着けた頭飾り、さらに衣装やアクセサリーを美しく飾る材料にもなりました。人類の発達の過程には、常に羽があったように思います。ペンとして使用したり、茶会では炉の掃除に用いたりもしました。 そして、鳥のように飛ぶことを夢見た人間は、ごく自然に羽を翼に用いることを思い付きました。羽をさまざまな方法で活用する知恵は、神からの授かり物なのかもしれません。人類がどのように羽を使用してきたかを探ることで、文化の変遷をたどることができるのではないでしょうか。

The Ainu have decorations that always remind me of the American Apache Indians. They were a western people and I am constantly amazed at how customs are similar everywhere.


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