おもちゃと鳥取【Toys and Tottori】

Toys!! Through out man’s history, toys have been very important to the mental and physical development of children, and often, adults. For adults, it will be a more expensive toy, like a set of golf clubs, a yacht, or a sports car. They are still toys. Children need less costly things.


Little girls play “house” with dolls and little buildings. Boys like guns, plane models and other warlike things. That is man’s life–girls for the home and boys for the fighting. Fortunately, with the progress of civilization, we, in the more developed countries, have fewer wars.


In Japan, children learn about swords and guns from toys. They play games like “samurai and ninja” just like American children play “cowboys and indians”. It seems that boys can’t get away from the art of fighting.


Let’s look on the bright side. From July 29th (Saturday) until August 20th (Sunday), 1989, there will be an International Toy Festival in Tottori City. Over 50 countries, from all over the world, will take part in it. Countries from America, Asia, Africa, Europe, etc. will be there. The theme will be “A Century of Toys” and the symbol is a figure that looks like a rabbit, but is a robot. So, it is named “ROBBIT”. I have no trouble understanding that.


This festival will give us all a chance to see toys of other countries made over the last hundred years. I look forward to seeing the ones from China and India. I have a special interest in those countries.


The Toy Festival we can see will include a toy hospital, a toy museum, toy quizzes, toy landscapes, toy theater, handicraft items, etc. Special events include a concert using instruments that we have never seen before. You will probably never see any of the instruments in a regular orchestra either. That should also be very interesting–Space age music.

おもちゃ博には、おもちゃの病院、博物館、おもちゃに関するクイズ、風景劇場、手工芸品などもあります。 またスペシャルイベントには、私たちがこれまで見たこともないような楽器によるコンサートもあります。通常のオーケストラでもまず見ることのできない楽器です。宇宙時代の音楽もまたおもしろいことと思います。

The festival will be held in and around Miho Park in the city of Tottori. If you go, perhaps it would be best to go by train since the roads will be very crowded and parking will be extremely difficult. Anyway, we should try to go and make the “Century of Toys” as successful as the Matsue Cake Festival was. Let’s go!! And if you see me there, say, “Hi”.


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