手工芸品展【The Handicraft Exhibit】

I must apologize for a mistake I made on October 30th in this article. I said that the Do-gyoretsu would take place and I was wrong. It had been held as a special event earlier in the year and it is too expensive to have more than once year, so we didn’t have it. It was such a lovely day for it, too. I’m very sorry!


This month we have a lot of festivals all through the Sanin Area. Many of them are held on the November 23rd because it is a holiday. The Izumo Taisha Kenkoku Festival will be held then. There are so many festivals that we all should have a chance to visit some exciting event. Japan has so many festivals that I am always surprised at them. In the United States, we have a few festivals and they are enjoyed very mach by all, but it is nothing like Japan.


The People here must be really happy to have so many activities all year around for them to enjoy. I also enjoy them very much, especially for the pictures I can take. Now for a quick report on the handicraft exhibit that my friends and I had at Imai Book Store. It was extremely successful with many, many visitors. What pleased me most was the arrival and interest shown by some high school students as well. That is the main reason I wanted to have this show. The young people of Japan are forgetting their old arts and that is sad.


I say that because , the arts of Japan are really lovely and through they are sometimes very hard, they should be studied with joy, excitement and interest. In the hands of the young lies the entire future of the Japanese culture. If we can show it to them and let them have a chance to really see what was done in the past, they will, perhaps become interested enough to want to try it.I hope sincerely, for this to happen.


Let me thank all the people who come to the exhibit! The young were welcome, of course , but the older citizens were equally welcome and it warmed my heart to see them there. Your visit to the show was very much appreciated by all of us. If there are any questions about anything you saw there, please write to me. Thank you again.


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