越と出雲の国【Koshi and Izumo no Kuni】

The old stories tell us of the friendship between Koshi and Izumo. The Kojiki does not make much of it, but this is due to political problems. Koshi and Izumo being friends is borne out by the marriage of Onamuchi (Okuninushi) to the Princess Nunakawa, who became his second wife. His son by his first wife, the Princess Yakami, went to live on the Cape of Miho, and his easy name was Ebisu.


This “second wife” term must not be given too much importance, since Onamuchi (Okuninushi [Daikoku]) married many times. The first two were the most romantic. I’ve written of them before, the Princess Yakami of Inaba (now Tottori), and the Princess Suseri, a supposed daughter of the legendary Susanoo, the ruler of the “Land of Darkness.”


The friendship of Izumo and Koshi is further proven by other stories, one of which tells of a great reservoir, constructed in the time of Izanami by workers from Koshi, who lived in a town called, “Koshi,” while here. This reservoir was made on the Hibuchi River, now called the Huchishi River. This places Izumo and Koshi on very friendly terms, and the Kojiki must not be used to prove what the leaders of Yamato wanted the world to believe about them, since it was narrated by the rulers themselves. The ancient stories that we should probably really believe, came down to us through prayers and chants, which were long used by Shamanism before it became Shinto.

出雲と高志が友好的な関係にあったことはほかの物語でも証明されています。その一つに、伊耶那美の時代に高志の国からこの地にやってきた職人たちが「コシ」という名の町に滞在しながら、巨大なため池を作った、というお話があります。このため池は、ヒブチという川に作られました。現在ではフチシ川と呼ばれています。 これを機に出雲と高志の関係はたいへん良好なものになっていきます。古事記が支配者たちによって語られたものであるからといって、それが自分たちを世界に向けて喧伝するための道具として彼らに利用されるようなことがあってはなりません。われわれがおそらく真に信じるべきであろうと思われる古代の物語群は、神道がまだシャーマニズムだったころながきに渡り用いられた祈祷や経典を通して伝えられました。

The art of iron-working began here with the Tatara furnace, imported from China, and improved for use in Japan! The discovery of pure iron sand aided in the development of the industry. This iron sand is still being used by Yasugi Special Steels of Yasugi City. In addition to that, the only active Tatara furnaces are found in the towns of Yokota and Yoshida, of the area around Matsue and Izumo.


Okuninushi was supposed to have introduced iron to the Izumo Area. This date must be discussed however, because iron came here much earlier. We might consider that different, and new technology, may have been Okuninushi’s contribution.


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