As is usual with my wife and I on our wedding anniversary, we went out for lunch and then drove into the country to enjoy the autumn colors to be found at this lovely time of year. On this excursion, we found a place called ‘Star Park’ on top of Hoshigami Mountain. It is a place to get a most beautiful view of the surrounding mountains that are typical of the Chugoku District.


It is a new park and the road there is a little narrow. Please drive carefully. There is little parking space, but it is a lovely place to visit. Night views would be fantastic with no pollution and a clear view of the stars. Being cold, even at this time of year, I suppose it is not going to be used much in winter. It is a high mountain and the road would be dangerous if it were icy.


The leaves are all changing colors now, but autumn flowers can still be seen in many places and my wife really enjoyed herself. I took some pictures of the scenery and have found that I still feel at peace with the world when in the natural parts of Japan.


Hirose is becoming a very attractive town and the road there, from Yakumo, is not nearly as bad as it used to be. In fact, it was a pleasure to drive. The lovely colors, the cool weather and beautiful scenery, plus a pleasant companion, made the day wonderful! I hope you all get the chance to go out into the country and enjoy autumn. It is a perfect season for landscape views and viewing.


In this season, the rice is harvested and hung up to dry in some rural areas. From the bright seedlings of spring to the waving full-grown plants in the summer and finally to the drying rice in autumn, we can see the progress of life. Then the stubble of the rice plants in the paddy fields complete the picture of nature’s plan.


Autumn also brings out the lovely colors of the maple and gingko trees. I like the yellow and gold of the gingko best. The fallen leaves make a golden carpet to walk on and the shape of the leaves reminds us of the Japanese fan. The reds on the hills are like fire! The falling leaves rustle in the wind and give us a feeling of being in, and a part of, nature. This is the time to be alone, listening and resting our tired minds from the hectic routines of life.


One of my best friends goes fishing on his boat to gain peace. Others enjoy hobbies like the Tea Ceremony and painting. Still others go to the shrines and temples to meet nature and have a quiet moment in the presence of their ancestors. Autumn is lovely for peaceful pursuits.


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