異国の食べ物【Exotic Foods】

Seaweed of many varieties is found and eaten in Japan. Even in the U.S., much seaweed is being eaten since Japanese food has become popular. The food of Japan is healthy and Americans like it very much. Laver, or sheets of dried seaweed, is especially enjoyed and even kelp is eaten. In the U.S., kelp is often ground up and made into tablets that people take as a kind of vitamin. Even doctors recommend it as being good for some sickness.

日本には、さまざまな種類の海藻があり、食料として用いられています。アメリカでも、日本食の人気が高まり、たくさんの海藻が食べられるようになっています。日本食は健康に良いということで、アメリカ人にとても人気があります。 特に好まれているのは乾燥させた海苔(のり)ですが、ケルプ(昆布の一種)も食されています。アメリカでは、多くの人がビタミン剤として、ケルプを粉末にして作った錠剤を摂取しています。薬としての効用もあるとして、患者に勧める医者もいます。

Chrysanthemum leaves are eaten in Japan, but the U.S. is a little slow about accepting them. The people there have eaten dandelion greens. which are quite a lot like Shungiku. I think they are not thought of as food in Japan, which is strange since so many things that other countries consider as unusual are eaten here.


I think China has many, many odd things to eat. I like some of them. Pickles in Japan are often pickled in sake kasu or salt. Some are put in miso. In the U.S., most all pickles are placed in vinegar. Other spices are used at the same time, too. I don’t like sour things like vinegar, even though it is supposed to be good for the health, but I use it when I have a cold. A mixture 1/2 water, 1/4 honey, and 1/4 apple vinegar is great for stopping fever, sore throats and other troubles that come with a cold. One small sake cup full every half hour is the right dosage. It is a perfect relief for cold discomfort, much like the egg/sake combination that the Japanese love, but better.


In truth, there are a lot of foods that are liked by both foreign and Japanese people. While fish is popular in Japan, it is almost not found in many of the inland states in America. There are also foods that are not found in Japan such as grits, a kind of cereal food. It is popular in the South and made of hominy, a grain. When we go abroad on a trip, we should take every chance to try different foods. That is the reason we go to a foreign country. Enjoy adventure! Enjoy the scenery, and the food! Have a happy time that you will remember forever!

実際、多くの食べ物は、日本でも外国でも同じように好まれています。ただ、日本人は魚をたいへん好んで食べますが、アメリカの内陸部で魚を目にすることはまずありません。反対に、「グリッツ」と呼ばれる引きわりとうもろこしと穀物からできたシリアル・フードのように、アメリカ南部では人気があっても日本では見かけない食べ物もあります。 外国を旅したときは、チャンスがあればいろいろな物を食べてみることです。外国旅行の楽しみの一つは、食べ物ですから。冒険を、風景を、そして食べ物を楽しみましょう!どうか一生忘れられない思い出を作ってください!

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