国際化【International Progress】

On June 4th, I had guests to escort around the area. One had been an exchange student many years ago. She is now married and had a cute baby. The young lady’s name was Kathy Radzai and she had come from Pennsylvania. She studied Japanese very hard and now speaks very well.


Most of the exchange students are very good and study hard to learn as much as they can while here and Kathy was one of those. She even learned piano from Mrs. Chieko Seino. After Kathy returned to America, she continued studying Japanese. It was very valuable in her life. Mrs. Seino visited Kathy a few times in the U.S. and they are very close friends. In fact, they are like mother and daughter.

交換留学生の多くはとても優秀で、日本にいる間できる限り多くを学ぼうと懸命に勉強します。ケイシィーもそうした学生の一人でした。彼女は清野ちえこさんという女性からピアノも習っていました。 アメリカに帰国後もケイシィーは日本語を学び続けました。それは彼女の人生においてきわめて意義のあることだったのです。清野さんとケイシィーは親友で、清野さんは何度かアメリカにケイシィーを訪ねたことがあります。実際二人は母と娘のようです。

The exchange students who come here, carry the memory of their experience in this friendly and charming city with them, all through their lives. They help Shimane Prefecture and the Sanin District to have friends all over the world. The exchange students program and progressive thinking have changed the image of the Sanin Area to a much more modern one.


When I first came here, there were very very few Americans in the Sanin District. In fact, I knew of no one else. There were some Spanish missionaries. Besides that, I suppose I was the only one around. I enjoyed that situation very much and didn’t go back to the U.S. for 16 years. Now, however, there are about 45 Americans living here, and I feel as if I am in a crowd. There are also many people from other countries as well. Korea, north and south, have the most, with about 1350. Then we have the Philippines and China with about 200 apiece. Then the U.S.A. and England.


In fact, Shimane has people from around 30 countries here. Doesn’t that make us very international? There are three associations of Shimane people in the United States; one is in Hawaii; one in California and one in New York. It really seems that the people of Shimane Prefecture are spreading all over the world. Isn’t that great? Yes!! It is!! We in Sanin are becoming truly internationally thinking people.

島根県にはおよそ30もの国からの人々が暮らしています。とても国際的ですね。 アメリカには島根県人会が三つあります。一つはハワイ、もう一つはカリフォルニア、そしてニューヨークです。島根人はまさに全世界に広がっているようです。すばらしいと思いませんか。そうです、すばらしいことなのです。山陰に暮らす私たちは、真の世界的視野を持ちつつあるのです。

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