To me, life is the most important thing in the world. What has happened to us all, that so much life is lost in war and other dangerous ways? World War ? cost the world many millions of people of all races. I suppose that Russia lost the most, but even one life is important.


One country destroyed about a third of its people to “change”. Another killed more than 2,000,000 people just to change a life style. They have been suffering ever since. This happens all time. It is not war that is the great danger. Disease, smoking, drinking, pollution, repression of the people by their own governments, and modern inventions, like the automobile are major dangers. Every year, thousands upon thousands are killed by cars.

“変革”の大儀の元、国民の3分の1を殺戮した国があります。生活様式を変化させるためだけに200万もの生命を奪った国もあります。そうした国々では、それ以降も混乱が続いています。このようなことは常に起こっているのです。 危機は戦争だけに留まりません。疾病、喫煙、飲酒、公害、政府による弾圧などもそうです。また、自動車のような近代の発明も大きな危険をはらんでいます。毎年何千人もの人が車による交通事故で亡くなっています。

China lost 54,000 citizens last year–most of them bicycle riders. More terrible is that Japan lost over 10,300 people in traffic accidents. There are too many cars. Still cars are being produced. It seems they want to fill all the roads with them.


There seem to be few laws to protect man from himself. Bicycles have no rules at all. They seem to know that cars won’t hit them. In that, they are wrong. Many, many accidents involve bicycles and bikes. If there are any laws for the little motor scooters and bicycles, some one should see that they are obeyed.


The other day, three good boys were waiting for the traffic light to change. Then an elderly man rode up on his bicycle and kept going right across the road. The boys sew him and followed. What are we trying to teach our children? How to live dangerously?


It is every adult’s responsibility to teach children, by example, as well as advice. Violators of rules for bicycles should be prohibited from riding them. By riding side by side, bicycles create one-way traffic and endanger their own lives. Very foolish and impolite. Let’s all of us try to make the roads safer. Thank you.


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