日本とその神話【Japan and Mythology】

The ancient myths start right here in the Sanin Area. Izanagi and Izanami must have come here, and the spear with which they started to stir the liquid to make the earth, must have been a part of ancient legends from other countries, which have similar stories.


These stories go as far as America, and can also be found in the Middle East and China. How did they get to Japan? Probably some happening that couldn’t be forgotten being made into a legend, and brought here by immigrants. There is very little history of the Pre-Jomon Period. We can only imagine what it must have been like from the few tiny clues that remain to us. These are probably from people who came here before the Ainu.

こうした物語はどのようにして日本にやってきたのでしょうか。おそらく、人々が忘れ得ないような出来事が神話となり、移民たちの手によりこの国に伝えられたのだと思います。 縄文時代以前の出来事はほとんど記録に残っていません。よって、私たちにできるのは、アイヌより先に日本に渡ってきた人々が残したであろうと思われるわずかな手がかりを基にそれがどのようなものであったかを想像することだけです。

I think the last of them were the “Tsuchigumo” people who were destroyed long ago, according to the ancient legends, written in the Kojiki and the Nihongi. Of course, the Ainu still exist, but only on Hokkaido.


History is fascinating and I can’t get enough facts to really study it properly. The books I use are from all over the world, but the facts are so different in each case, that I have to make some conclusions that might not be popular with other people. I’m not the kind of person that really cares whether others agree, or not. If I think I’m right, I will say so, and not worry about others. What is true, or common sense, should be right, and there should be little argument.

歴史にはとても魅了されますが、きちんとした研究を行ううえで必要となる資料を十分得られないのが実状です。世界中の文献に当たるようにしていますが、一つの事象をめぐってもいくつもの説が存在するため、一般には支持されにくいような結論に到達せざるを得ません。自らの見解に、他者が同意してくれるか否かについて、私はあまり気にしません。自分が正しいと思えばそう言い、ほかの人たちのことは気にならないのです。事実や常識は正しくあらねばなりません。そうすれば論争の余地はそれほどないはずなのです。 わが国最古の書物や諸外国の古い文献を基に、この国で起きた記録には残っていない出来事の真相を突き止めることができるのです。

In our oldest books, and old books from other countries, we can build a true story of what must have occurred in Japan in the days when history was not recorded in this country. The old stories tell us a lot of things that other stories over-look. However, some of them show that our fairy tales are similar to fairy tales of the south seas. Other tales are from Asia, with China and Korea being major contibutors. However, some stories have roots in northern and central Europe, and the Middle East. Aren’t these ideas very informative about Japanese origins? I think so, and will continue my studies of such things.


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