レディース エン ジェントルマン! 少年少女達よ!【Ladies and Gentlemen ! Boys and Girls!】

These articles have been published for quite a while and I have met many fine people who have read them. Of course, I thank you very much for doing so. I would like to try to explain the reasons I have for writing these articles.


First: I love the Sanin District very much and am most happy to be living here among the wonderful people. Second: I wanted to write these articles in easy English to help students and others, with an interest in English, to improve themselves. I try to use easy words with just a few hard ones. The hard ones are to make you work just a little, to learn words which may help you some day.

まず始めに、大好きな山陰ですばらしい人々に囲まれて暮らせることをとても幸せに思っていることが挙げられます。 第2に、英語に関心のある学生やそのほかの人たちの英語力向上をお手伝いするため、平易な英語でこうしたものを書きたかったからです。やさしい単語を主体にしながら難しい単語もいくつか混ぜるよう心掛けています。難しい単語を使うのは、少し骨を折ってもらうためです。いつか役に立つことがあるかもしれません。

Third: I am always saddened by the fact that many people know very little about this very interesting and wonderful area. It is filled with ancient treasures, legends and historical sites. You could live here forever and not learn everything, I’m sure.


I try to go everywhere there is something interesting. In my articles, I try to teach about what I visit and know about. If I make any mistakes, I trust someone will write to me at the Chuo Shimpo Newspaper Company, and tell me about it. I would be very sorry if I made a bad mistake and no one told me.


Fourth: English is a difficult language to learn, but it has only 26 letters and is relatively easy to read. Reading is the best educational method I know, except for actually DOING it. I feel that if the readers really want to be able to speak a little, they will try my articles.


Fifth: I have the hope of publishing a book of “easy to read” articles, or essays, with some pictures of this wonderful part of Japan, to introduce tourists of many countries to it. Students of this country can also use this book to advance their ability to use and understand English.


Then when they have the chance to travel, they will be more able to communicate with others. What do you think of these ideas?


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